Mapouka Dance

Mapouka - is an exciting dance-form emanating from Cote D’Ivoire. The dance is the traditional expression of the peoples of the Southern villages of Cote D'Ivoire--the Avikam.

The dance has long been a part of the Avikam expression--quintessential to their traditional belief system and a matter of ceremony.

In the early 1990s, the dance was discovered by the outside world when a number of videos began circulating in Paris, France. What the world saw was incredible. Women moving their legs in such a manner that their behinds rotate with minimal assistance from hips or waist. The dance emerged from a history of traditional ceremonies where the women wore long wrap-skirts. But now, it was on display in clubs and dance halls where buxom young women wiggled their bottoms while wearing shorter skirts and spandex-shorts. The dance now suddenly appeared provocative.

In fact, in 1995, the dance was outlawed in Cote D’Ivoire because the authorities deemed it erotic and inappropriate. The dance has legally returned and continues to enjoy immense popularity not only in Cote D'Ivoire but also throughout West Africa.

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